Flac-utils is a toolkit for managing flac-files. Primary usage is syncing metadata between sets of flac files. Flac-utils does also have a python module flac_compare that can be used separate, if needed.

The utilitiy consist of three tools:


Easiest way to install is to use the Ubuntu/Debian packages. The packages can be found at https://launchpad.net/~m-runesson/+archive/unstable.

Git repositories with source are published at github. Git for flac_compare: https://github.com/mrunesson/flac_compare and for flac-utils: https://github.com/mrunesson/flac-utils To install flac_compare run:

python setup.py install

flac-utils can be executed directly from its tools directory or installed running

make install


Please read the man pages for complete and up to date information. Below is a short summary of each tools capability.


flac-sync is like the rsync command but specialized for flac files. It can synchronize added tags from one tree of flacs to another. It verifies that the audio is equal using length and md5-sum of the audio-part of the track. There are a wide range of options when and how to make synchronization or not. flac-sync has the possibility to do bidirectional synchronization.


flac-diff takes two flac files as argument and tells if they differ. Oposite to normal diff flac-diff is flac aware. This means it compare the two tracks md5 signatures to tell if the music is the same or not. Thereafter compares it the tags/comments on the tracks and tells which differs. I.e you can have to files with the same track but with different tags. flac-diff will tell you which tags differ between the two files.


flac-add-picture embeds album cover art into flac files. The album art is fetched from Amazon.


Both projects are GPLv2 or later.


You are welcome to contact me on e-mail <magru AT linuxalert DOT org> if you have questions or feature requests.

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